Dangdang platform merchants out of the price of the user dissatisfaction orders canceled
on February 27, 2017


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technology news August 5th morning news, after a number of days before the merchant platform dangdang.com to 1 yuan wrong price 449 yuan of sales of sports shoes, in addition to a merchant platform Dangdang online, 1100 yuan Samsung mobile phone price 110 yuan for sale, many users find that the order was changed to "Cancel" state after the purchase, this again caused strong resentment among consumers.

August 3rd friends @ grade shopping in Sina micro-blog broke the news, said "Dangdang Samsung mobile phone wrong price, white S5560, original price 1100, became a standard 110, wrote a few 0, you buy


, however, the price was quickly corrected after a few hours, the current purchase link has been rendered page inaccessible situation. According to micro-blog on the screenshot, the above goods by Dangdang platform merchants Yue long mobile franchise store for sale.

but more than 110 yuan price has been placed in a single order followed by friends in Sina micro-blog said that their orders have been changed to cancel state.

webmaster @ home market director Lu Wei LouisLu expressed his dissatisfaction: "what to cancel my order?? customer trust on Dangdang is not worth a hair???? Dangdang has no credibility???" another netizen @ design wind said, "DELL and IBM are the wrong price. But according to the wrong price to the user delivery! See Li Guoqing this."

in fact, this is the second time Dangdang platform merchants oolong. July 28th, Dangdang online merchants, the name of the shoe store will be the original price of 680 yuan Adidas clover casual shoes wrong price of $1 to sell, in order to have a net friend, but was out of stock for the reason to cancel.

Dangdang for the above 1 yuan price is wrong to sell the statement is to give each consumer value of 200 yuan of compensation, and the name of the shoe shop to give off shop rectification punishment.

but most users do not accept the compensation scheme, the reason is the electronic commerce website after DELL and Lenovo have had the price of Oolong event, but they end up with the wrong price delivery to users.

Chinese e-commerce research center analyst Mo Daiqing pointed out in the "daily economic news" interview, "dangdang.com should fulfill its promise to cancel the order, pay 200 yuan vouchers practice is not reasonable; at the same time, the staff errors by consumers to pay."

Dangdang is not currently on the issue of Samsung mobile phone price is wrong to comment on the sale, but also did not give a solution. (Cui Xi)

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