Four rules for domain name registration
on February 27, 2017

Contrast registration method

two, the corresponding voice registration methodYou can

three, reference derivative registration method

registered domain name might as well jump out of ideas, self-centered panlongfufeng " " also can become a shortcut to get good domain name. You can borrow the well-known domain name brand to design their own domain name. When the fame, was born as Sofang Sobao, this suit of derivative type of domain name. Therefore, you can also choose some social influence by their good domain name, formerly known as spelling to decorate their own, excuse me money, such as the choice of SINA SI or YAHOO YA as the domain name spelling said before.

four, on creation of registration law

register of those excellent domain forms of creation to become their own domain name make only superficial changes. AOL.COM is famous for example, no one in the United States is not known before OL online (online) the abbreviation of interest, but now want to flaunt online application website are on the OL very much, quickly appeared in what SOL, domain, is sold to 200 thousand yuan, you can also the.CN system of such push to register a OL ah what!??

for the domain name investment boom, the industry believes that the cybersquatting is not worth promoting, and the domain name registration is a kind of creative rational mode of registration. Currently there are two main CN domain name >

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