How to find a niche market for e commerce websites
on February 27, 2017

B2C e-commerce website series has written four articles, oh, not much, slowly, while studying, by his own thoughts out, on the current status of China e-commerce, how to find a niche in the market, you may also care about.

what is niche market

English is niche market, Chinese is the highly specialized demand market, big companies big companies often ignore the website or unwilling to enter the market. To put it plainly, is to live in the big business sites between the market.

why do e-commerce to find niche market

this is simply nonsense, isn’t it? Because everybody knows the competition with the large companies was asking for. Operating B2C e-commerce website is the same reason. Unless you are a big company or the strength of the traditional enterprises to do online.

big website has channel advantage

large sites have financial advantages

big site has a brand advantage

large e-commerce sites of these three advantages, both online and offline, when you compete with him, he saw a profitable, just like you, you’re finished.

is another company who have seen the company or website to all public service in the world? Small niche e-commerce website does not mean there is no market, does not mean that there is no advantage, rapid transformation, precise positioning, easy to quickly capture a regional market, become the industry experts. Then you want to compete with large enterprises, you already have a certain degree of visibility has a certain capacity, we are not afraid of him, is not it?

looking for niche market approach

cite two examples illustrate:

for example, do SEO, a lot of people do SEO, I also do SEO, so many people do, how to make the characteristics of the formation of the brand, you might as well try from the following aspects:

specializes in Zhengzhou local SEO

focus on specific CMS system optimization SEO

exclusive interview interview SEO

professional optimization blog, e-commerce website SEO

and so on, there are many, if you do a good job, you can become an expert.

for example, do shirt e-commerce website:

college girls shirt;

little boy shirt;

focus on high-end shirts, others sell 68 yuan, you sell for $680;

designed to add fertilizer, increase the number of long sleeves shirt,

is designed for a specific color shirt, such as black or white or other colors;

specializes in selling couple shirts;

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