Tmall’s first show of 11 double guests released Fruit sister
on February 27, 2017

last week confirmed this year 11 party in Shenzhen, ACE producer David Hill as general director of the news, today, "Tmall 2016 double 11 carnival night," the Organizing Committee announced the party’s first show guests, was Chinese fans known as "fruit sister" Katie & middot; Perry (Katy Perry) to double 11 bowl: she will be officially as the "2016 Tmall double 11 carnival night global ambassador, and will in the next month to participate in the site of Shenzhen evening performances.

according to the double 11 carnival night organizers, Perry will sing 2016 Brazil Olympic Games in Rio track "Rise" in the propaganda party on the same day, but other programs show is confidential.


will show the fruit sister meow star who wore


fruit sister with music to convey the positive spirit of the people, at the same time, lively and interesting, and this is also the 11 party theme is very fit. On the invitation of Katie ·, as a global ambassador for the promotion of 2016,, Tmall, the night of the organizers of the carnival, said 11.

it is understood that the current Katie · Perry rehearsal is being carried out for double 11 performances, that night she would sing 2016 Brazil Olympic Games in Rio propaganda song "Rise" and other songs, but she will also be in the global scope, used his influence to let more people understand that the party will be held in Shenzhen.

was born in 1984, Katie · Perry is American singer in "the most funny than", because the love fruit elements of clothing is very often on the stage, to bring huge fruits props, so it is Chinese fans affectionately known as the "fruit sister", but she also knew the name is China fans until last year.

not long ago she was on the Instagram broadcast in real time on their trip to Shanghai, "They call fruit sister here!" (where they call me sister) – so she gave her photos named.

as everyone knows, Perry has always been to other Tokebis variable is known, and in the double 11 day party, "Perry" will bring a surprise in what shape to the audience, is not there will be with the meow star element, at present is still unknown.


international big lie funny than positive energy can not be less

prior to 2007, Katie · by virtue of a song "I Kissed Girl" fame, and won the Hot 100 singles champion of the list of A. Subsequently, the creation of a good singer and songwriter Lu Fengshun, on the album "Teenage Dream" California G> "was born out of

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