Jingdong Denmark payment in arrears to the Danish Embassy
on February 27, 2017

Abstract: it is said that the financial sector of Jingdong from the bank, the broker dug a pile of executives, called the luxury team, the use of these debts to invest money".


default payment provider has become an open secret in the circle of its partners Jingdong. However, this ignition is an "unknown" foreign supplier.

a Danish goods Center (Danishowroom) of the company, in April of this year officially settled Jingdong global purchase platform, in accordance with the provisions of the agreement, the company shall pay monthly payment for the Jingdong, but has not paid a penny, owed its payment of three months, the amount of about 400 thousand yuan.

July 6th, the Danish Consulate in Shanghai sent a letter to the Jingdong, negotiate payment in arrears. Obviously, the Jingdong had underestimated the severity of the incident, the use of this embassy will make the Jingdong up, international reputation will be affected, so the Jingdong after the receipt of a letter sent to the consulate, immediately make a commitment, said the refund will be held this week. Denmark Corporation said, if the Jingdong can not pay in accordance with the commitment, we will continue to negotiate, the Consulate General of Shanghai will be submitted to the Embassy of Beijing."

this is not the first time Jingdong broke the payment of suppliers. Back in time two months ago, the Jingdong and the logistics partner Foxconn court. Due to the breach of Shanghai abandoned rent warehouse in Qingpu, resulting in Foxconn global loss of 550 million yuan, which was originally in the East Jingdong leased an important logistics base. People around the world the Hon Hai said, "default only appearance, the real reason is the Jingdong funds, pay the rent can not hesitate to use the established, default way and cooperation for many years of trouble breaking foxconn."

embassy backing is not the same treatment, bitter companies not only choose "background, or endure, or roll". Remember that the most ferocious one was in 2013, AFU oil complaints Jingdong, said Jingdong defaulted on its loans for up to 13 months, the amount of more than 3 million. AFU oil founder Meng wake (carved God) shelling Jingdong in micro-blog. It said that Jingdong accounts on the account of 15 billion yuan in cash, but the contract period of the loan for up to 1 months dragged on for a period of 13 months. Jingdong locked the seller’s third party backstage, forced to participate in the price war. Finally, AFU essential oil has no choice but to roll out of the store from the Jingdong, carved Ye left only a word, thank you, I can not afford to play, do not intend to accompany you to play."

and Genghen, renowned brand ochirly Jingdong had been owed 5000 yuan deposit for half a year, far exceeding the time stipulated in the contract.

tight funding, Jingdong staged a new financial technology

recently I came into contact with a former Jingdong executives, heard a lot of insider, it seems that this kind of payment in arrears, the practice of margin, it is a Jingdong to play the new financial technology".

According to the

deep throat broke the news, in general, the Jingdong to the supplier.

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