E commerce brands should get rid of low price tags
on February 27, 2017

called on the electronic commerce price tag people, certainly not an idealist, because this label is very lethal, very practical, very helpless, of course, is also very attractive, but its influence is profound, can use "Baizhang ice cliff has been" to describe, as to when the "pretty flowers" the key point of business hate

!One of the key points of

: the temptation of low price to consumers!

price is most likely to perceive and comparison of consumers, so many electricity providers have played down to the freezing point "," value "experience" to "low price" to zero profit "and other signs of the electricity supplier promotional quotations.

is the most exaggerated quotations to make you confused is the classic "global limited value experience: the original price 699, price 99, price 69, when you experience" curiosity action, after looking for a baby like a layer of click and satisfy your curiosity, there are two results:

is one of the things you are lucky enough to get experience;

one is that you choose another product in the "impulse" and the original price into the bag;

and these two results can be controlled by the electricity supplier, and in its expected.

Two key points of

: low prices on the traditional channels of repression is not only a legend!

e-commerce is the biggest competitor in the traditional business channels!

the biggest weakness of the traditional channels is the store rent, there is a huge channel costs, 60% of the traditional business channel profit is consumed, so there will be the development of the general agent, regional agents, etc..

and its advantages are also very obvious:

is the first product display, when I hold the Dopod prototype, I would like to have the impulse of Jingdong mall can not give;

let me to find an excuse to give up the promotion personnel passionate commentary, cuxiaoyuan clever found I focus on the function of products, I have repeatedly described the scene, it seems that Dopod is me, but just a salesman and I use a mobile phone with friends;

resonance is the cornerstone of cooperation and trust, which is also the weakness of the electricity supplier.

while the low-cost electricity supplier label is the last line of defense "suppression" I desire, e-commerce to my rich product selection, evaluation of the purchase process and purchase a product is the I am familiar with the habits and atmosphere and the way, such as "I" because of low loyalty, electricity providers should can expect and effort the "I" is "cultivation", and this "growth" is accompanied by my life, this is not just a legend.

Three key points of

: the function of low price brand

you can see in the traditional business, the entity to do more than the company’s advertising companies have the potential.

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