Taobao wholesale platform to open up a new online wholesale Alibaba
on February 27, 2017


1688 platform, Taobao is a lot of Taobao sell the consensus. April 21st, with the Amoy wholesale platform ( on the official line, Taobao sellers need only through Taobao’s account, you can make the original need to cross platform operation of the trading process step by step.

is a small shoe seller on Taobao, he said he usually has two ID, a Taobao, a 1688. "Our store opened last year, the operation of small funds, 1688 of the small wholesale is suitable for us."

and the idea of such items is not a few sellers. Open up the wholesale and retail industry chain of these two markets, Taobao sellers to provide a more convenient green channel is the original idea of Amoy wholesale.

reporter learned from Taobao, Amoy wholesale is Taobao to provide quality goods wholesale platform for sellers, mainly through the Alibaba and the Alibaba will Chinese station docking, the goods information directly drained into the Amoy wholesale platform, Taobao seller no longer registered Alibaba account, using their Taobao account can directly purchase Alibaba supplier release of small wholesale goods, and direct wholesale management in Taobao background.

Amoy wholesale Taobao and Alibaba is a new exploration in the field of network distribution. At present, we have completed the initial docking from Alibaba suppliers to Amoy Taobao retailers, and then we will have further plans." General manager of Taobao business platform business strategy revealed.

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