Survey shows that the community domain name Cn has nearly 40% Com is still the mainstream
on February 28, 2017

October 17th, the latest news, Comsenz (Comsenz) and Eric (iResearch) jointly issued the 2008 "fourth session of the development status of Chinese network community survey report" in the mid to late 10 officially released.

survey data show that.Com is still using the domain name of the highest proportion of 45.4% in 2007, but with 06, 07 and 47% of the 50.9% years research results compared to decline; the same contrast is the use of.Cn domain name, in 2006 accounted for only 16.3%, 2007 rose to 25.4%, reaching 40.5% in 2008, increased nine percentage points.


China network community currently uses domain name distribution

since March 7, 2007 CNNIC CN domain name 1 yuan experience activities since the development of the domestic network community.Cn domain name ratio increased significantly.

it is understood that the 2008 "fourth session of the development status of China network community survey" is the second since 2005 the first session of the "development of the Internet community Chinese BBS survey" fourth large-scale Internet community investigation activities. This event is still by Comsenz (Comsenz) and iResearch consulting (iResearch) jointly launched, obtained a number of online media portal, community portal, advertising agencies and community participation and support hundreds of websites.

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