Jingdong 3C to upgrade the quality of purchase of 50 percent off explosive goods mania strikes domin
on February 28, 2017

hand chop party for Jingdong such as 618 big promotion, is not already mood.according? The mobile phone changed? Computer cannot run? Don’t worry, Jingdong 618 quality Carnival this coming! The Jingdong 3C flagship quality upgrade purchase "theme, in order to allow consumers to enjoy it is the quality of experience, 3C Jingdong launched 618 magic benefits: 6 Luna coupons robbed every day, crazy full cut Hui not stop, digital products as low as 50 percent off, the mobile phone 12 ious interest free, explosive goods more than 50 percent off big panic buying! More popular 1 yuan grab treasure activities, receive free free coupons, in luxury ritual activities. Choose Jingdong 3C upgrade purchase mix, plus 6.18 yuan, $61.8, $99, so many surprises to allow consumers to really enjoy the quality upgrade. Jingdong 3C 618 consumers will create a special storm of quality carnival.

active area link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/3GJj1nNcu62.html? Cpdad=1DLSUE


big mobile phone more than 50 percent off, deposit expansion of 1 yuan to reach $1099

during the event, mobile phone special surprise to enjoy non-stop! Apple, millet, Meizu, 360, LETV, Samsung, Nubia, OPPO, HUAWEI, vivo, Lenovo and other mobile phone brand turns to send a surprise. June 1st -6 20, the mobile phone 12 ious interest free, explosive goods panic buying more than 50 percent off, a variety of big new hot open grab, the deposit expansion highest 1 yuan worth 1099 yuan.

from May 23rd to May 31st, buy big phone straight down and then full reduction, the highest Jin province 1200 yuan, the purchase price of Samsung’s $100 to $1000. 350 million more red big run, free mobile phone lottery win. June 1st to June 6th, at least 1 kinds of spike per day, more than a variety of new products to promote big bang. HUAWEI Mate S highest straight down 600 yuan, Samsung C5 new appointment sweepstakes win S7, millet Max new open grab concessions, can not miss. From June 7th to June 11th, the God 500 yuan coupons voucher! Daily payment limit, can also be superimposed with brand coupons, full of sincerity! From June 12th to June 17th, OPPO mobile phone only 61.8 yuan, limited to 50 percent off mobile phone Meizu, glory 5A new appointment win several brands of mobile phone! Turns into battle, defeated 50 percent off Pactrometer 618. From June 18th to June 20th, 618 in the morning on the 2 hours of uninterrupted seckill storm, a variety of big mobile phone low to 6.18 yuan 500 yuan coupons! Reproduction, and full of 2500 yuan 130 yuan coupons East overlay, based on special offer to minus 630 yuan! 618 strikes, more surprises waiting for you to come, hi


computer office 100 yuan deposit arrived thousand yuan, 10 million coupons grab

Jingdong 3C 618 computer office special, ex gratia activities. From May 23rd to May 31st, notebook >

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