Shop hemp beans gradually paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to go red
on February 28, 2017

"give me the shop to do it, I want to sign you." A netizen in the "shop Matou contest" forum thread. Recently, the "hemp beans" game attracted a large crowd of beautiful people to participate in, also attracts a lot of attention online sellers. Of course, this is not what beans beans, in fact, netizens are funny funny model.


net model of a new line of business, with the rapid expansion of the shop, quickly became popular.

part of the network model, earned 100 yuan for the first time

remember a few years ago, I was a buyer, and now he also opened a shop, but also to do a shop model." This year, read the sophomore watermelon roll piano, told reporters that the first time to do a net model is a clothing factory to take pictures, and this work is found in the community recruitment version. Recruitment posts just sent out, I saw, so went to apply." She said. The other major are selling the original design Chiffon dress. May 1st that day, she rushed to the venue early, on the makeup for clothes, the shape of the more than and 10 skirts, has been taken from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m..

although busy for a long time, the other party to pay 100 yuan reward, but like photography, but she is very satisfied, and can take pictures, you can make money, has been very good."

watermelon, told reporters: now own shop has been opened out, all the clothes are my model show, I think this can give buyers a reassuring feeling."

now, the network model team is rapidly expanding, in addition to like watermelon, such as college students, some of the professional models also joined the army in the network model show. Do professional model YOYO in Yiwu told reporters that she tried to die when the net friend, in the Home Furnishing shop has been a guest, this experience made her feel very fresh.

handsome handsome "jindawen88" is a clothing company in Hangzhou signed a model, he also signed up to participate in the competition". He said with a smile, his shop is blunt crown, in addition to the model in the store to do their own clothing, advertising pictures will enter the sales of the brand clothing shop.

underwear model online missing

put the new clothes, and then take a photo, put on the shelf, and then wait for buyers to patronize…… This is the daily operation of the shop manager millet. She plans to start with a circle of friends to find a beautiful model, take a few beautiful photos hang their own shops. "Think about the fashion style and collocation, if on the homepage and information of a prominent position, certainly to the store to bring a high popularity."

millet like this requires a lot of network model sellers. Wages 200 yuan, Taobao shop to hire part-time graphic models". The reporter saw several similar job postings on the Internet, so shop Ambassador general a week 1-2 times, the boss also proposed requirements: female, appearance is beautiful, sweet and lovely. Body proportions, >

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