On the great leap forward of O2O mode
on February 28, 2017

electricity supplier companies have to get together O2O, who is in the subversion who is who’s playing the idea of the development of the online model is still the focus of traffic, the next line mode is now inevitable to become a small business cluster. Electricity supplier companies pinch each other to the intersection of the traditional market, not to say the geometry of the war in the end whether it can really meet the needs of consumers?

when the major cities in the country are trying to promote the development of urban construction, there is no shopping district can be gathered together, because of the impact of consumption radius. Like the original large business district of Fuzhou on the two, a Taijiang Pavilion Street District, a Dongjiekou district. Today, the city of Fuzhou millions of people to occupy the various aspects of the city. As a result, the passenger was cut, the popularity of the shopping district decreased significantly.

in accordance with the 2013 online retail data, 48% of the amount of growth really makes the physical market. Coupled with last year’s double eleven Tmall activities, more than half of the day’s sales in the Chinese market WAL-MART sales. Amazing figures, more laid a solid business battlefield transfer determination. Although on the surface, the proportion of online shopping and the country’s total consumption is still difficult to exceed 10%. Even if, over time, this cake bigger, the foundation, are difficult to shake the market entities, of course, this is something.

electricity supplier and the combination of physical stores, to create today’s so-called O2O model, has become the focus of discussion in 2014. In fact, I think, a combination of online and offline can so rapidly, or cannot do without the intelligent mobile phone market share. According to last year’s data, China’s mobile phone users reached 1 billion 200 million, the number of smart phone users this year should be more than 400 million, which is what the concept, that is, almost everyone a cell phone. Just imagine, if the use of mobile phones are constantly being extended, you can change how many habits, this market is a huge cake ah, so, BAT and the surrounding derivatives industry to seize the mobile market.

, in fact, a few years ago I had a flower shop, was not WeChat, almost all mobile phone is very common kind, only landing Q and check what mms. Because the shop location is not very good, idle all day in the Q and Q in the group with people chat, then, people who know more gradually, the business nature also came, according to the needs of customers to upload photos, finalized in Q, some directly with third party payment, or silver some bank transfer payment after delivery. This approach is gradually transferred to the WeChat, just pay the scene has changed.

for any product, for the operation of the O2O model has some challenges. One of the key is nothing more than logistics, payment, in a sense, the security is to get the best solution, at present, facing the logistics problem is placed in front of us. Late last year, according to the needs of customers, we do a month of fresh products operations, however, it is relatively simple extensive mode. WeChat, micro-blog, Q space to do promotion, to do platform Ali Wangpu display, but.

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