What kind of business model is needed in current e commerce
on February 28, 2017

a good business model, there must be a clear core value, that is, for whom to solve the problem. Such as Alibaba to solve the problem of information exchange between the manufacturer and the buyer, Taobao has solved the problem of information exchange and transaction security between the seller and the buyer. As for other value-added services, but also around the core value of ancillary services produced products – in a word, there is no clear core values, it is impossible to produce a good business model.

and entrepreneurial early, will focus on all the resources to build the core value, is the only path to success.

Changes in the market,

combined with the company’s long-term research achievements and the current economic crisis I think the core value of the business model lies in solving the production enterprises and dealers terminal information exchange, price concessions, transaction security problem, the most direct is the understanding of the "Taobao brand store network, not for retail, but the terminal small wholesale dealer".

to e product experience center (www.epin.com) as the terminal display channels, short circuit of traditional distribution channels, is the embodiment of the core value of the new business model. As for the retail network operators may also use the service, it is only the icing on the cake, and may have the possibility to form alternative logistics.

Alibaba short circuit is the cost of the exhibition, Taobao short circuit is the physical store rental costs, the Chinese businessman is the cost of short-term wholesale channels.

Alibaba mastered the manufacturer’s resources, Taobao mastered the resources of individual buyers, and the new business model will be the dealer’s resources.

how to make dealers online procurement, how to grasp the dealer resources, is the key to the success of the new business model, which is the opportunity to implement this model. Core concerns into: how to provide good service for dealers, how to protect the interests of dealers – and to focus on the platform to see the products and services.

Author: Fu Qiang

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