How to effectively achieve their advertising objectives
on March 1, 2017

has said many times that as many as 50% of advertising is wasted. So what do you think? How much do you get in the middle of the day with the Internet? Did you get the expected results? So you’re going to make a detailed advertising plan!

1, develop a detailed marketing plan or already developed for you.

if you do not have a detailed travel plan, and on the map you will not travel a long time around the world. If you don’t have a clear plan for advertising, you can’t get what you want IP and users and other data. The most expensive ads are ads that don’t work properly. You can reduce advertising costs and ad waste through proper planning.

2, make your advertising decisions based on research and formal marketing plan.

media representatives to make their lives through the sale of more ads. Again and again, you will receive a special section on the special processing requirements, limited time availability, etc., will only have value for you if you know what you are doing. It is best to negotiate deals and features in advance of your ad.

3, your advertising calendar plans a few weeks or months in advance.

no sooner did your ad plan will cost a lot of money, you are ready to wait when receiving IP your best advertising plan has been on the line or have been kept for 3 months in your computer, so you also dare to say you will not do after harvest? Because we don’t have enough

time to waste!

4, hire professionals to deal with your ad.

when you are sick, call a doctor! When you have a legal problem, ask a lawyer. You must focus your time and effort to overcome your main contradiction. Advertising is an area where people try to tell people what to do and how to do it. Just as you don’t tell the doctor what the prescription is, like how you won’t tell your lawyer how to protect you. You can lose a lot of time and money, but have you finally locked up your ultimate target customer,


5, please make sure that the focus of your advertising information, those who are important to the audience, rather than what is most important to you.

pre emptive competition will not only save time, but also achieve your endless desire. Speak your audience’s language and the way they can understand. If the text is not easy to understand, it should be avoided. Your task is to sell your audience to use your product or service. Often non salespeople receive beautiful and witty prose, which does not look to get second from your audience, and then pass it or throw it into the dustbin.

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