Clothing B2C website flooding VANCL want to sue the cottage site
on March 2, 2017

clothing online shopping on behalf of the enterprise VANCL (Eslite) the relevant person in charge of 7 revealed that the company is investigating the evidence of plagiarism a copycat version of the site, the site of the high copy VANCL in the domain name, brand and style of the LOGO website, the company will resort to legal means.

clothing e-commerce market continues to heat up, making more and more entrepreneurs to enter this area, large and small clothing B2C website. And many websites in order to quickly copy the successful experience, in the website design imitation and plagiarism phenomenon is serious. VANCL’s rapid rise to make a lot of online entrepreneurs to follow suit, a large number of small and large clothing B2C website, causing fierce competition.

China Securities Journal reporter found in the search on the network, such as Adibas, Hike, Fuma and other cottage brands, a lot on the website. VANCL stakeholders told reporters that the company has also encountered a number of different types of cottage sites. "Copycat VANCL is mainly divided into three categories, one is VANCL and VANCL brand name replaced a letter or second is the overall style of Chinese characters; the website style and VANCL red and black and the module, the third category is almost as like as two peas; VANCL will be announced 400 calls placed directly on their website use on."

it is reported that VANCL has organized a special legal staff to intensify the collection of evidence of alleged infringement site. VANCL legal department official said, VANCL has been part of the act of infringement of the site for evidence, for the warning does not stop plagiarism behavior of the cottage site, will be prosecuted to the court and seek economic compensation.