YAHOO Japan Softbank Alibaba into suspense triangle rivalry
on March 2, 2017

The relationship between

and YAHOO was a co Softbank venture capital and entrepreneurial Internet field example, Softbank founder Sun Zhengyi graced with YAHOO network venture, YAHOO co-founder Yang Zhiyuan with Softbank promote dominate, in the global Internet industry for many years. However, with Yang Zhiyuan’s departure, Carol · Bartz (Carol Bartz) after he took office on all YAHOO out of the impasse the Softbank and YAHOO to cooperate closely for 16 years the show seems to have cracks, from this point of YAHOO may be seen selling a 35% stake in YAHOO japan.

and YAHOO, Softbank is China phase differences involved in the Alibaba, Alibaba, YAHOO and Softbank are all shareholders, and the Alibaba also have to get rid of YAHOO, which makes the relationship between Softbank, YAHOO, Alibaba of the three is more subtle.


exposed equity disputes

March 2nd, industry sources said YAHOO is promoting a joint venture with Japanese partners Softbank negotiations, negotiate from Japan joint venture divestment matters. For the next few weeks, YAHOO will likely hold 35% of the shares sold to YAHOO Japan, Softbank, this part of the market value of the shares of less than $7 billion 500 million.

data show that YAHOO Japan is Japan’s largest Internet search website, founded in April 1996, was jointly founded by Softbank and YAHOO, the year that the declaration of profit. YAHOO currently holds approximately 35% shares of YAHOO Japan, Softbank will hold approximately 40% of the shares of YAHOO japan. Sun Zhengyi and Yang Zhiyuan are YAHOO’s board of directors.

said, in order to avoid payment of up to 38% of the transaction tax, YAHOO is not willing to direct YAHOO Japan’s stock sold, may use the asset swap way, namely Softbank to buy YAHOO shares, while YAHOO holdings of YAHOO Japan shares. However, there is a point of view, may use other programs, such as YAHOO to establish a tracking stock (tracking stock), so that shareholders can be sold in the hands of the Japanese YAHOO shares. It is reported that this scheme does not require the consent of Softbank founder Sun Zhengyi agreed, which is seen as a bargaining chip in YAHOO.

"should not be sold to Softbank directly, because to pay 38% tax. It is more likely to be a stock exchange, or to be a tracking stock (Note: tracking stock), "said Li Kaifu, founder of Innovation workshop in his micro-blog.

but for all that in the market, Softbank spokeswoman Takeaki Nukii said that the company did not buy YAHOO Japan shares that any negotiations.

but no matter whether YAHOO and Softbank equity acquisitions negotiations, a basic fact that YAHOO is considering giving up YAHOO japan. YAHOO CFO Tim · Moss (Tim Morse), before investors said the meeting, the two sides are to discuss various favorable scheme, "at the same time with our partners.