Copy Ali model ndia electricity supplier or the birth of a hundred billion valuation company
on March 2, 2017

India electricity supplier platform Snapdeal is being made into a local version of India, Alibaba, promoters lack of Taiwan and mainland enterprises.

August 18th, the listed company Hon Hai’s Fu Chi Kang group (02038.HK) announced by Singapore subsidiary Wonderful Stars Jasper Infotech Pvt to invest $200 million stake, the company owns and operates the India electricity giant Snapdeal shares, Kang Fu Chi will receive 4.27% shares of Snapdeal. Another electricity supplier giant Alibaba has also been confirmed in the near future to $200 million stake in India electricity supplier Snapdeal, get a 4.1% stake.

in fact, as early as March of this year, India’s prime minister Narendra modi · and MA in the prime minister’s office for more than and 50 minutes of talks, covering many areas of business platform, payment and credit system, the socialization of logistics, such as cloud computing and big data, hope its successful experience to use in the "digital India" in the plan.

and mature countries in Europe and America are different, often in emerging countries, but the rapid development of electricity providers, because the logistics of low labor costs, and will save store sales costs." Yan IDC senior analyst responsible for Chinese mobile phone market tracking report for Meng on the "First Financial Daily reporters, India electricity supplier channel potential close to 30%, and a China market, has become an indispensable channel.

and one of the local electricity supplier giant Flipkart executives have said that India can also create a local $100 billion electricity supplier companies, Snapdeal founder Kunal Barr is a fanatical admirer of Alibaba.

digital India "Star"

IDC data show that in 2013, India electricity supplier channels accounted for only 3% of the overall sales channels, the number of open channels in more than 90%, in addition to the credit card penetration rate is low, consumer buying habits and bad network makes the development of the electricity supplier does not seem smooth, it is difficult to imagine, even at the airport or five star hotel in this place, it is not easy to find a free network "rubbing".

but now, and 10 years ago, China’s electricity supplier market, now the electricity supplier in India is also growing rapidly through the absorption of capital. From May last year, Amazon announced an additional $2 billion investment in India, Facebook founder Zuckerberg, Microsoft CEO NADELLA have access to seek business opportunities in India, the head of Foxconn, Terry Gou is again in the near future to visit India market, from multiple fields to India for investment.

"we are very pleased to be able to invest in Snapdeal, this investment will promote the wisdom of the" digital India "vision landing." Tong Wenxin, chairman of the board of directors, said that India is an extremely important business opportunity, not only