Dialogue Taobao search head ghost foot seven meeting summary
on March 2, 2017

In December 16th Taobao

network for training hall, have the honor to participate in the Taobao search leader, a ghost foot seven "seven" of the meeting, through on-site communication, obtain the following information:

The biggest change is the

2010 Taobao search "search drop right", currently consists of three departments: (1) to catch Taobao in the search department to start the light, usually only for the "abnormal" single baby, right down to the general effect will be 7 to 30 days, (2) the network security department, a a violation of Taobao rules of the shop right down. (3) the operation of the Department, the serious violations of the right to shop until the shop closed down.

search down the right is relatively flexible measures, will not cause permanent damage, but the seller can cause a violation warning. The search is the most part of the focus on commodity "grafting", is also a popular commodity to sell up up, then stealthily put other products put in order to achieve the purpose of search ranking, at present this part is taken by the machine algorithm is the recognition form, so if the price of the goods at the same time, the title attribute make major changes, there will be a great risk.

second change is the 7.8 rule, the new search rules is the second half of the controversial, this part of the adjustment of the basic idea is to improve the search efficiency of buyers, improve the conversion rate, inclined to the "quality" customers. Currently taking a more eclectic approach, the shelf time still occupy a certain proportion.

in accordance with the new 7.8 rules, the current search optimization work to do are:

(1) to do business integrity, high-quality customers, do not irregularities caused by the right down, The loss outweighs the gain.

(2) up and down the work to optimize the

(3), title, Category attribute optimization, especially the mall store has a large space of

(4) service quality improvement, turnover conversion rate increased by

2011 Taobao will be doubled to cheat so to avoid illegal processing, in 2011 will be more important, the platform of brush reputation has must be avoided, Taobao’s people lurking in the brush reputation group or forum.

Due to the current need for Taobao

business objectives, to enhance the buyers feelings and improve the search efficiency in the first place, ranking optimization search will improve the conversion rate and not in accordance with the click rate direction, so the transaction will become a most effective tool to enhance the ranking of the seller must pursue and improve.

shelf time, there is still an important role, the relevant new knowledge includes:

(1) Taobao will assign a flow of 70% to all baby search, while the distribution of the flow of 30% to the popular baby

(2) under the shelf time is different, bring the flow is different, the traffic on Monday is the highest one week, the weekend will be the lowest, and Monday night is the highest (8 – 10)