Jingdong on the phone QQ to move the king is still too early to fashion
on March 2, 2017

for the listed Jingdong, "618" is the first test, from the Jingdong paid in each big media campaign can be reflected. Although Liu Qiangdong did not say so, but the strong heart with Ali’s "double 11" Mao, fool look out. In the PC side, Jingdong to do 618 Ali, in the majority of the people in the reconstruction of a double 11, basically a fantasy. However, since climbing Tencent, Jingdong seems to see the hope of the mobile terminal PK Ali, open the entrance to WeChat, Jingdong settled in the mobile phone QQ.

according to Tencent latest earnings report, mobile QQ has 490 million months of active smartphone users. According to Jingdong’s vision, settled in the mobile phone QQ, in addition to bringing huge traffic, Jingdong mall mall can also be used directly within the QQ wallet.

cat noted that Jingdong in the QQ wallet and drops taxi, public comment on the page are divided into special offer, famous and fashionable. On the home page advertising, Jingdong launched a mobile phone for 30 QQ every day "". It is clear that this is the Jingdong in order to rival Q and WeChat two entrance differentiated personalized treatment.. Given the news from the Jingdong is that the current gray level test, the official time of the line or in mid June.

for the latter part of the operation, the fat cat got the news that the Jingdong will according to the characteristics of QQ users for the stocking of goods and operations, while also giving an extra special offers QQ members. In Jingdong seems, QQ has a number of stable paid users, especially virtual products consumer users, for Jingdong, the release of their online shopping consumer potential, will have the opportunity to bring explosive growth.

here, fat cat could not help but want to shake it. QQ has a large and stable user pay, no doubt, but I do not know whether the Jingdong have investigated the cost of paying users what will be paid to what place? Q coins, red and yellow and blue all drill, QQ show, QQ game…… It is hard to imagine that these users will pay money to Jingdong in the hands of Q on the launch of "large diapers" and "synthetic" and "European style hood".

cat always believes that the electricity supplier in order to achieve success in the mobile terminal, in addition to fast payment experience, great success lies in the selection of level. In the mobile terminal shopping, a greater degree of impulse consumption and emergency spending, the choice of goods to meet the basic needs of these two. In this golden age of online shopping cat young women, in addition to the mainstream mobile phone recharge, 200 yuan of basic commodities belong to the mobile end online shopping, including clothing, food, supplies and Home Furnishing gadgets become the main consumer, 3C, home appliances and partial bulky items, basically not buy in a mobile phone. The consumption characteristics of fat cat in the mobile terminal consumer habits could represent the most mainstream crowd in the mobile phone shopping.

exactly Jingdong in WeChat and mobile phones on the QQ recommended items do not meet the mass consumption habits, after all, Jingdong is relying on 3C products started, Jingdong in clothing >