11 pairs of small sellers counter attack 4 blasting
on March 2, 2017

2014 double 11 carnival, has entered the countdown to 30 days.

buyers are smart, but only in this "double 11" this day of shopping, but it is irrational madness.

crazy rush behind, it means that the high conversion rate and customer price!

many sellers say double 11, the first thought is that they do not have the venue resources, and he did not have much to do, nothing to prepare, think about it. If this idea is wrong.

Saul in class share a few pairs of 11 categories of important data, enough to prove that if small sellers have certain operation ability is strong enough, can grasp the trend, not only will not be washed off, the possibility of counter attack is almost inevitable.

so small sellers how to seize a year on a double 11, turn over a large counter attack?

today to share a few simple first trick:

one, others preheat our water

to understand a little double eleven big promotion node sellers know, double 11 10 days before the warm-up period, all sellers to collect and shopping cart, so this time, big sellers are break up, because this is not how the sellers 10 days.

buyers, want to buy can not buy, can only put the shopping cart and so on the day of payment; sellers, ordinary day has 10 stores to sell with a baby, now 8 in the warm-up activities, only 2 in the sale, the degree of competition in the instant reduces the number of


so this time you shop launched the "double 11 advance" activities, if you do not have the price advantage, so buyers have to wait until 1111 day to go to the store and buy the other day? Still may not grab can’t pay or not affect such trouble.

two, drill directional directional steal flow

this time play a huge advantage drilling exhibition, this move is very important, specifically looking for their competitors to grab traffic, put into their own shop double 11 big promotion page, as long as the shop big promotion page layout is reasonable, the product is rich enough, the price is outstanding, this time conversion and ROI can be very high. The degree of competition is small, precise flow, daily sales more than ten times over several times can be easily achieved.

three, small C sellers play, no money no money how to do?

then went to a lot of popularity explosion models, on behalf of self provided goods consignment, to find a way to get rich in their product structure, there are hundreds of the best selling models (before Saul in the VIP class, because it is the wild ways, you know, so I will not elaborate here), then do SEO optimization rely on, get free traffic, leveraging in eleven during the double active atmosphere, can also be a lot of turnover.

four, a high-profile campaign rub

do double 11 big promotion page, highlighting the atmosphere rub activities, imitate the big shop, in fact, there is no venue resources, nothing more than the loss of the venue that point