Use your own experience to teach you how to make a good domain name
on March 2, 2017

I play the domain name a few years, why not say it loud, because I own almost all Amoy domain, is lame inside general pick. Here we talk about how to Tao a relatively good domain name.

  I registered the first domain name in may 2005. Before the network is almost utterly ignorant of. At that time, I did not have their own computer, because I was working in our college student union is also the Secretary of the association, the following is a tutor Student Department is personally to manage. I was thinking that his tutor is more convenient, can also through the network we can provide more convenient, basic before I is a little area to the Daqing Evening News advertising is very small at that time is 50 yuan, sometimes the effect is good, always bring two or three long home to call me my source will provide us with students, poor students in the school will arrange the registration, to tell the truth I was also one of the poor students. But I didn’t do it for the first year. I was looking for a tutor. Costs are basically out of their own, then recruit a lot but hardly with money.

once I registered in Daqing tutor online information to find a tutor to do, because the Spring Festival did not want to go home. The results of the search in Baidu, even on the formation of a web site, and now we stand up and down, sometimes I sometimes his first. The domain name is Daqing tutor spelling. was very optimistic about the COM international domain name do not know the other suffix, we make a full name. Benefits: 1. Good record. 2. When Baidu Pinyin input directly to my station. 3. High correlation. Spell it out and know what I’m doing. Disadvantages: a little long.

The domain name

soon started, the effect is very good, then went to the library every day to do promotion. After two months, the result was the top 4. I use the spelling advantage to do a lot of publicity.

second domain name is Beijing tutor network the same procedure, not the same domain name. Now did not how to promote it, in addition to the price actually ranked Baidu, I ranked twelfth in this station. Effect is also very good. Register the domain name was registered in Beijing also want to tutor the spelling. But late about half by someone to get to, according to the regional characteristics of Beijing 010 on behalf of the code of Beijing, the local people have no one knows. Later, after registering this feeling much better than spelling. The combination of numbers and letters for the first time. The results of the domain name there are businesses bid to buy. At that time, the price of a lot of truth, but I did not sell all the time I was optimistic about the investment value of the future. When I try to push the top 6 more valuable. Of course, there are individual business talk about trading. The price is not acceptable.

Heilongjiang talent nets

third domain name is now engaged in this domain is also Amoy for a long time, Heilongjiang is the first letter of HLJ. HR>

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