Hao123 revised web site retro activities
on March 2, 2017

  hao123 navigation in Baidu included, finally second big changes. The first time is second times the widescreen navigation from 4 words 2 words.


    the old version is 4 words between adhering to the navigation structure for many years, the website classification now, but the 4 word is redundant, for example, see "world soccer" is actually "football". A TV station is a TV set. Radio has been eliminated. There are a lot of online chat directly on the chat can be.
      important position, put 4 words, is a waste of half of the gold position. And the new classification with the times, such as geographical classification. Provinces navigation. And life service class navigation, also referred to the important position. From this point of view, Baidu is more pragmatic. This is just to pragmatic too slow, it is said that in 2 years ago, has suggested that Baidu has not changed the hao123 cube. On the Internet, hao123 with this simple face for all Internet elite. Attracted more than 10% new desktop start page.

    a lot of webmaster reaction to the hao123 revision is to emulate the wu123  2004 version, there are 5566 pattern.


Internet access easier and easier. Navigation is the same, become more concise.


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