Domain name from the license plate number telephone number
on March 2, 2017

There are still some people do not understand how the domain name will be so valuable. But from the title, you should think that it is reasonable to have a domain name.

the name of the comparison, some say that the characteristics of domain name.

1, it is important to remember. A web site has spent an average of ten thousand yuan on an issue in an ad that costs $five hundred thousand. There are ten thousand people remember the url. Another website also do the advertising, because the domain name easy to remember fifty thousand people remember. In this way, the former to achieve the effect of the latter is to hit the five ad, spent $fifty thousand. Only this time to remember the activities of the domain name will bring benefits of forty thousand yuan. In the site of a wide range of commercial activities, how many times to be similar to the difference between the interests of forty thousand yuan?

2, some image, the domain name of the website itself can bring good Lenovo or with other attractions, such as the wealth of.Com may be more than you let people willing to visit.Com. While ecstasy.Com can attract a particular group., will let some people talk about the habit of brand yearning.

3, easy to use, a domain name is too long, for many unhappy people, is wrong, and short of a meaningful name easy to input.

4, Pinyin, Pinyin domain name is Chinese characteristics of the domain name, the image of good mind, such as, just tell people wife.Com, domain name. Not only do they remember, but they are not easy to make mistakes.

5, remember to say to the telephone, the Internet or telephone. Companies often have to inform the other website on the phone name, not to say, easy to remember the wrong wrong, often occur. In this regard, there is a unique advantage of the domestic Pinyin, said " housing.Com, housing Pinyin domain name ", phone even if there is no letter, but in the search for housing sites, the natural reduction of

7, the scarcity of the domain name. If the domain name is a very high possibility of being replaced, such as the use of 3487hi5hihi instead of 3487he5hehe, then the former will not have high value, people want to use their own to find the appropriate domain name. And such as the distribution of.Com, can use distribution, of course, good, with in China is also the best, other alternatives are not as good as this.

8, cybersquatting is not to steal someone else’s brand name or company name.

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