China of no less than behind the dilemma EMS scissors
on March 2, 2017

nearly a year, a year’s headlines have continued to express friends back home, e-commerce has become increasingly prosperous, let express friends in the past few years, has become the focus of society, a monthly income of over a million people, the Alibaba listed bell…… Courier brothers ushered in their own spring. 2014, China’s express delivery industry has created a remarkable performance, the State Post Bureau released data show that courier service business revenue totaled 204 billion 540 million yuan, an increase of 41.9%.

however, in this feast, there is a group of people do not seem to enjoy too much good, in the company for more than and 10 years, one month to get the hands of the money on the $two thousand or three thousand." When it comes to their compact income, the phone Liu Xu (a pseudonym) SAMSAM smiled, a chill imperceptibly occupy the surrounding air, this is not a happy topic, "said dry express current income is high, but we say EMS, people did not believe."

the third week of January 2015, 22 new shares issued jointly, stock market ushered in the tide of IPO IPO since the restart of the most intensive, but had already had the EMS still is not one of them. Put forward since the end of 2013 after the aborted IPO, EMS when the restart IPO there is no clear timetable for the state-owned enterprises now have private express courier and overseas logistics company in the transformation of state-owned enterprises must look at fiercely as a tiger does, to experience the pain, the cracks have not fared well.

"who would have thought of using EMS?"

"EMS? Who would have thought of using EMS, unless the ‘three reach’ less than we will send EMS." Chen Wei is the one who sells clothes in the Taobao shop owner, in his busy business world, EMS is a lying in the corner of the old bike, each time are forced. "The benefits of EMS is like express some rural and remote areas, not to place it in general can, but the EMS to add money to a few dollars more expensive than" three up ", so be sure to bargain and customers, sometimes we have to make a few dollars, some worthwhile. Can not do."

EMS is the fastest delivery, "a netizen made the comments in Post Bar, a thread of the people booed by. "With EMS, I have a keyboard," a netizen with a sarcastic words to express their decisive position. Many users discuss NiYiYan I a language, SF express Lipaizhongyi, elected the "fastest" domestic "best service" express a "three up" is anxious to compete for the "removal of SF optimal position outside".

in the discussion is fierce, the earliest people probably throw topics on their own from the last harvest gimmick with funny saying "just kidding, I haven’t finished, EMS is the fastest delivery, how is it possible?" all the users in Post Bar issued in various a funny face, with scattered.

"less people" "bad service" "slow" ""

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