Under the line to promote the idea of Taobao customers
on March 2, 2017

shares a few lines to promote the idea of Taobao customers, which appeared a lot of ideas and is also very practical ideas, but also to achieve a very difficult but interesting ideas. Sharing is to help you broaden the promotion of ideas, if the following methods are suitable for you, please do not hesitate to embrace, put into practice, open up a new Taobao customers to promote the sky.

1 purchasing mode: help others to buy their own commission. (purchasing these models I think it is worth trying to)

line under the Taobao > shop store purchasing; > purchasing not only earn commissions can also receive a certain purchasing fee

launched > in the company group purchase; > see the goods they need in the group called colleagues initiated the group purchase group purchase price is cheap, commodity colleagues need to embrace the natural, and can also earn commissions, Lirenliji

help friends purchasing > > many relatives and no online shopping experience, in case they trust you, help purchasing, just buy the real thing, both to help them save money for their revenue

> > campus; college students; it should catch hold of such a good opportunity for students to service, help you advertise purchasing taobao.com goods in the school bulletin, every purchase only 1 dollars fee

recharge station purchasing point > > set up purchasing in recharge area, using the network to recharge, not only to help users save money, also earn commissions for their own (this method should be implemented easily, and the effect is obvious, welcome everyone to practice, back to share)

2 Figure promotion:

1) Taobao customers to promote the relevant website printed on the T-shirt to go far, how far the promotion, the number of clothes, there is a wide range of promotion

2) Xia Tianguang behind write promotion website, the evening stroll very pull the wind, if the television or newspapers, the promotion effect of people greatly shy don’t imitate

3) promotion, the use of some public places such as public toilets, such as buses, such as elevator, such as long-distance car don’t do bad things, must be a legitimate

4) combined with traditional marketing methods, the use of business cards, promotional leaflets and so do the marketing of the selected object, the election is the key to the site

5) advertising money on TV ads on TV is too much, the newspaper can be careful to try

6) to take their own windows to do the article, the window to play the URL, or simply get a light box advertising inspectors do not interfere well oh

7) cooperation with the tattoo shop, tattoo to each person with Taobao customer sign of the estimation is not feasible, the customer is God, not all are welcome to buy a gift of a

8) organize some public welfare activities in the name of Taobao

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