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on March 2, 2017

I have been doing before the

shop part-time, really do full-time only 20 days, but even twenty days in Taobao learned really a lot, I have been in their own way in the effort, though it is only two happy, but my line is many, now I put some publicity the promotion of their own experiences to write out to share with you! The first one yuan to beat and Holland to shoot the novice shop, no credit, people do not want to buy to you here, what to do? Make a yuan shoot! Would rather earn money also popular to go! This novice sellers although some adventure. But the popularity is still profitable.

auction one dollar shot and Holland shot, one yuan shot of goods in more than two will be automatically transferred to Holland. Just started doing the best shop, or a small number of Yuan shoot, some, this can reduce the loss, but the quality of goods must ensure the Oh! This is the premise of the auction, high quality and inexpensive things, who presumably would not refuse, suggestions have two hearts sellers to use Holland auction, because this time three heart four heart is the most difficult, make good use of the auction, leading up, three heart four heart from you will not be far away! Of course to remind sellers friends, engage in the auction are the loss of 90%, so must take the attitude adjustment, as long as the thought of making money in the day yet when flowers! Some money to advertise, do not feel bad.

second: let others know that behind you in opened the shop in each customer, about 200 people standing, these are relatively close relationship with his people, such as colleagues, neighbors, relatives and friends. Thus, you tell a person, it is to tell 200 people, you know all the people and people around them must be a certain percentage of your potential customers.

so don’t give up any opportunities around you, then you are successful. I want to talk about a few years ago I repeat sales case here, then the repeater has just started, I’ll do the repetition of the sales in a Xinhua bookstore.

just because of fashion, many people do not understand it, so that the business is not very good, then I will work every day in order to open up the situation, leaflets on the outside, I met interest will be introduced at work, after all the counter I will not let go, take the machine and others when I explain, do the reverse English promotion activities, I will first introduce English, so the repeater and the English combined, plus my unremittingly, counter business is extremely good, I was in this area sales performance is the first. After everything is redundant, even write his own experience, just to prove a point, do sales and sales at the counter is the same on the Internet, as long as you can treat their goods, pay attention to the people around, some sales methods, don’t give up any chance you are the success of the.

third: advertising to do other people’s shop this way is through the evaluation of the way to promote their own store! After the completion of the transaction, both sides will make an evaluation, don’t

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