ALEXA hundred Chinese website domain name analysis
on March 2, 2017

Recently, with the rise of

rice has not busy SNS website, Chinese Pinyin semantic domain has become more popular; and Sohu, Sina and other domain name short length, fuzzy semantic generation website already known; there are 163 and 126 digital website……

so the Chinese domain name of the website is how to do it with this problem, the old door to check the top one hundred ALEXA Chinese website, the results are reported as follows:

first category, brand domain name (6): these sites before the establishment of a fixed brand or foreign website, domain name directly with the brand name or domain name. They are Tencent (, CCTV (, industrial and Commercial Bank of China ( and YAHOO China (, Google

(, MSN China (

class second, phonetic semantic domain (15), which is characterized by the domain name and website name pinyin or Pinyin abbreviations, the lack of a variety of commonly used web site you. Among them, 12 phonetic spelling, Baidu (, Taobao (, and (, thunder (, Alibaba (, dog (, pat Network (, friends (, Tianya community (, Qianlong News Network (, even-even net (, games (; Pinyin abbreviations 3, Financial Street (, Xunyiwenyao (, Kuku (


third, English semantic domain (33): this kind of website name or domain name is English English shorthand, if the site name is the domain name Chinese. This kind of domain name most, including: Oriental Wealth (, (, IT (, (, the Pacific (, a computer (,, (, Chinese automobile (, (, Shanghai cubs online hotline (, xiaoshuoyueduwang (, Ming Wan (, car home (, Chinese manufacturing (, Chinese blog (blog>

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