nventory clothing retail O2O four models
on March 2, 2017

Bring new opportunities to the traditional retail industry’s rapid development of mobile Internet

[review], the clothing retail industry earlier to see the future value of O2O, the earlier the O2O layout and practice. The clothing retail industry in the O2O layout emphases are different, the O2O mode can be divided into 4 categories: the private custom mode to store mode store mode of the fan mode.

O2O is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the apparel retail industry in 2013, which is the rapid development of mobile Internet to the traditional retail industry brings new opportunities. The traditional clothing retail brand has long been suppressed by the electricity supplier, even once become the eyes of consumers free dressing room". Sleepy thinking change, clothing retail industry can see the future value of O2O earlier, but also to start earlier O2O layout and practice. This is a bestseller, such as UNIQLO and other international well-known brands, and grew up China local Metersbonwe, Gloria other national brands.

in the O2O layout emphases are different, the enterprises are trying to O2O model is divided into 4 categories.


UNIQLO stores

to store UNIQLO self-service shopping experience and considerate service for all the traditional, proprietary line stores has been the core channel of uniqlo. In UNIQLO opinion, the main function of O2O is to store the line service, help line store to increase sales, and achieve promotion effect to be investigated, each transaction can be traced.

April 2013, UNIQLO to achieve the "store + official website + Tmall flagship store + mobile phone app multi-channel layout. In this multi-channel layout, consumers can get a better shopping experience. When users install the app can browse, find new shelves, coupons and discount information, you can also buy directly, wait for delivery. App offers coupons can be used in stores, consumers can tell where the nearest store, to the store with a mobile phone scan code payment, thus saving time for consumers.

it has been fully realized two-way integration of online and offline. First of all, the display on the app coupons, two-dimensional code is designed for store design, can only be used in the physical store to scan from the implementation of the app can be directly drained to the store; secondly, the two-dimensional code UNIQLO store merchandise and coupons and is designed for its own app, use app to scan and identify UNIQLO only so, the next line stores where consumer groups to attract online, improve the app downloads and usage; in addition, app will continue to take the initiative to push products and preferential information, these users will app UNIQLO store become more loyal consumers, thus forming a virtuous circle.

Can this model

O2O is defined as "UNIQLO stores mode, in this mode, the layout of the stores is the core of O2O, the layout of O2O main purpose is to store the line diversion, improve line store sales. This mode >

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