Under the economic crisis the physical business competing online shop to reduce costs
on March 3, 2017

in the global economic downturn in the environment, some sensitive businesses have to find a new way out. Low operating costs, low threshold, huge potential customers and other advantages to attract small and medium retail business operators have to intervene in the market. Yesterday, reporters from Taobao, eBay, Le Amoy and other e-commerce sites to understand, the website also actively respond to the current downturn in the economic situation, to attract more businesses settled by expanding investment, improve services and other measures.

Zhongguancun tophere ", electronic" boss Mr. Liu at the beginning of this year on the Internet opened an independent shop, he told reporters that the network of sales channels, the prospect of getting better and better, the network sale of part of the investment will increase in the future. Take the MP4 sales, I shop to sell 10 units a day on average, each can earn 60 yuan, but 60 yuan to rent, including utilities, payroll costs, excluding the cost, profit of about 25 yuan / Taiwan; in the online sales price concessions than the store, each can only earn 50 yuan or less, but the 50 yuan basically is profit." In addition, some business clothing, ornaments and other goods roadside shop owner also said, will be involved in the online shopping market.

is not only the individual retail enterprises, China’s coastal city of some small and medium enterprises in the export trade is cold, have begun to focus on the online shopping market. It is understood that the Guangdong region of China’s largest export enterprises to enter this year, the region’s garment enterprises exports fell by 22.5%. Some small and medium-sized export enterprises have fought in the network market, according to the authoritative department last week released data show that in September Guangdong province online shopping transaction volume has exceeded Shanghai ranked first, accounting for 23% of turnover, compared with the same period last year rose 94%, trading volume reached 2 billion yuan.

insiders said that the current economic situation, the consumer sensitivity to commodity prices more and more high, more and more hope to get more benefits, and many goods online can satisfy the consumers this "affordable" mentality. So for operators, it is necessary to save costs and reduce sales prices to stimulate consumer desire to buy. In addition, exports to the domestic market has become an imminent change in the majority of export enterprises, while the online shopping market is a huge increase in the space to attract these small and medium enterprises to enter.

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