8 years of non webmaster network career broadcast in Dalian
on March 3, 2017

before 2000

because of the small towns there is a road east to west road are not breathing fart hiccups. 1999 began to listen to the network, only know very magical. The reason why he said it was because the high school where he was sent two math teachers to study computer courses in Shanghai. It’s a reason to go out with the turtles. As a result, gold has not come back, our great people’s teacher is from a girl back in Shanghai. Quite shocking. This event for the whole school network for a mysterious magic rise, some network elite classmates now grow up, will be a great encouragement at that time.

People with

gold back teacher did not survive the millennium was the little girl from Shanghai to go to Shanghai, then never come back. So the rest of the gold-plated teacher took on the construction of the school website and the computer teaching of thousands of students. Heard that the site was built in 01 years, no pro, I heard that. (but later see, not scared is almost laughable, on that level, I suspect he whether to go or go to the gilded stakes)


network has started in the school development, there have been some heavyweight teacher bought the bourgeoisie in the care of the Communist Party of the wise proletarian socialism through the computer network, heard 150 monthly phone line bundle of cat. I am a well-off students through the network. During this time I have a little understanding of the network, especially the magic of e-mail. I wrote a letter to my cousin in Shanghai, please go back and help me out. The second day I gave the students 10 dollars, then I think it is really about 8 letters and mauga on 35 days of time, now network mail, whoosh past, how much the service fee? Fortunately, the students did not want to, or after 01 years I play his home glass can.

01 in the second half of the town has gradually opened two cafes, are working outside of the boy’s home business masterpiece. Thought it was a good chance to be Bill Gates. The phone is still tied the cat. But has given us a good platform. Remember to go to the Internet cafe, I am a real honest brother special sincere ask the boss, can you give us an online training class ah, this thing we will not ah. The boss: "self-taught concise and comprehensive." Then turned the eighteen bend finally understand the lower right corner of the little penguin is a flash thing, because I heard that this thing called network BB machine, so the afternoon of Kung Fu sitting there to apply for QQ. My goal is simple, to give my brother a hand. Sad is that when the super slow speed is 4-5 yuan / hour, the more sad is that I had to apply for dozens of a number did not stay until now.

the only thing worth thanking is that the network of 01 years not only gives us the Enlightenment of the network, but also makes up for the teachers and students who are not willing to teach the physiological knowledge and the teachers do not understand the extension.


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