Goodbye Gu Yongqiang Liu Zhen Cheng Binghao
on March 3, 2017

Abstract: business capital cruel change constantly like cloud and wave. Business Titans who, especially the founders of the "out" is It is often seen. However, apart from the emotion and helpless, perhaps more worthy of our understanding and honor is unyielding pioneering spirit and honest introspection.


we can not understand but I understand that time will represent everything

with the video industry, the last winner of Gu Yongqiang’s departure, the end of an era.

yesterday (October 31st), the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yongfa announced the mail, potatoes Youku CEO Victor Koo Youku potatoes will no longer serve as chairman and CEO positions. While Koo himself said in the message, he will focus on ecological investment, responsible for the preparation of cultural entertainment industry fund.

"by Wang Wei at the beginning of the end to Koo, the video era of entrepreneurship huashangjuhao." "Nine Rings" in 36 krypton (WeChat ID:wow36kr) published this statement:

in 2005, Wang Wei founded potatoes, then Youku, 56 networks, such as the establishment of the six rooms have been founded, when the video platform is still a good idea and a wolf team can do. Even the 2009 broadcast license restrictions, CCTV’s CNTV, Zhejiang TV’s blue network, smgbb’s Shanghai network television and other national team admission did little to dispel the innovation and vitality of the industry.

but when the development of the industry to the competition of capital, the entrepreneur is curtain call out, when the capitalists and managers on the occupation. The 2012 merger Youku potatoes, Wang Wei out has indicated that, only the original Koo is that one’s success.

so, how to "today’s Koo interpretation of his departure? He said:

"in 2005 November 1st, is the starting point in one dream of entrepreneurship, in these eleven years, very fortunate and excellent team everyone so professional and focused on the practice of sharing happiness and wisdom, touched by the mission, to share the industry’s development and growth, the achievements of their own and more ecological partners. During this period the most happy, and like people do things like, and as a comrade in arms, the right time to do the right thing is also very important."

Silicon Valley has always been a point of praise for this change, it should be done."

domestic more knowledgeable people will think this thing is good. Don’t say that as long as the foreign cultural industry, especially the people familiar with these people, including our special cooked, they said this I agree, this is also a business atmosphere, a venture capital development inside the historic moment."

"I think it’s still on the road, and the comments are normal and we know what we’re doing. Because I feel relieved and I’m happy, so I can’t understand but I can manage

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