CNTV brewing push independent brand search engine focused on video search
on March 4, 2017

July 20th, according to reliable sources revealed that after the merger of the CCTV network, the national network television (CNTV) will be launched in the near future independent brand search engine, further into the search engine industry.

, the sources said, after the launch of its own brand of search engines in and, CCTV system CNTV is preparing to launch the general search engine, and the name of the search engine may be an independent brand, is similar to the "CNTV search" name.

national network television (CNTV), general manager Wang Wenbin confirmed to Sohu IT, CNTV is indeed considering the launch of an independent search engine, the future may be launched related services, but the focus will be on the direction of the video.

when asked whether the search engine is an independent brand, Wang Wenbin said that it did not hear the relevant circumstances.

another source in the forums, the independent search engine CNTV called "great". In this regard, Wang Wenbin also said that the brand has not heard.

in January this year, CCTV network launched a low-key search engine version of the CCTV network, search pages and Baidu, Google is similar to the simple logo and search box, in the top of the logo, there is a test version of the word. Currently, the scope of CCTV search is only within the scope of the CCTV network.

according to sources, search has been outsourced to the antenna video operation, prior to the launch of search engine beta is also responsible for the maintenance of aerial video technology, CCTV has not put human technology open.

said the above, CCTV has been considering their own investment forces launched an independent search engine, and in the switch to CNTV after the new platform, the introduction of independent brand search engine is imminent.

December 2009, China network television (CNTV) on the line, this platform also launched a video broadcast positioning in the "love cuckoo" and "location to share love grapefruit" two independent brand business.

in July 1st this year, China network television (CNTV) today officially launched the global home page and the new Chinese version. At the same time, and domain name jointly point to the home page of China network television, CCTV network and China network television business integration.

it is understood that in recent years, people’s daily, Xinhua and other state-owned media have been involved in the background search engine. By the end of 2008, Xinhua launched a multilingual, multimedia, multi site full range of news search system Xinhua search. In June this year, the people’s daily launched its own search engine (, which is jointly funded by the people’s daily and the people’s daily, is currently in beta stage. (Lin Fenglei)