Facebook important conference on the eve of the failure to access
on March 4, 2017


Facebook conference invitation

Beijing time on October 6th evening news, according to foreign media reports, the social networking site Facebook said on Tuesday, due to the specific failure resulting in Facebook website on Tuesday night visit slowdown, or even to visit.

useful households said that the United States Pacific time Tuesday evening 9:50 can not log on Facebook. Subsequently, Facebook can not access this news has become a hot topic on the microblogging Twitter, at least more than 10 thousand Twitter users released the news.

Facebook spokesman Kathleen · (Kathleen Loughlin) in Laughlin said in an email to 10 a.m. PST on Tuesday night, Facebook is to repair the problem. Tuesday night at 10:25, ‘in another e-mail said, the problem has been fixed.

earlier this week, Facebook sent an invitation to some industry insiders, said Wednesday there will be a major announcement. And in the 12 hours before the conference, Facebook site is not accessible. When asked whether there is an association between the two, Facebook representative said that it is still uncertain.

September 23rd, Facebook has been a similar situation, leading to the site can not be accessed for several hours. It is surprising that, at 10:52 on Tuesday night, Digg site can not visit. 11:27, apple mall can not visit. The day before, the Foursquare site was down for 11 hours.