One week news review CCTV exposure parity software look for extortion involving Nora was astronomi
on March 4, 2017

1 I look parity software CCTV exposure involving extortion:

can change the price to pay

CCTV weekly quality report program aired today, the investigation, I look up, the program exposed the shopping parity software I look behind the problem.


to create a high quality of life, welcome to watch the weekly quality report. Now the mobile phone Internet is more and more popular, with the new things and is more and more, parity software is one of them, the so-called parity software is using a mobile phone to sweep the barcode on the product, it will display the same product in different business sales price, so that consumers can spend less money to buy better things. Then from this point of view with parity software, for the consumer really is a good thing, but recently we have received a number of complaints reflect the column, called a "check" parity software has many problems. So, it seems that there is no problem in the end of the United States, there is no problem, then look at the reporter’s investigation.

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I look parity software CCTV exposure involving extortion:   can change the price to pay;

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2 Nora suspicion of piracy was astronomical penalties: sail to search evidence

since April 22nd was stationed in the public security department investigation, the final qualitative Nora event has not been known to the outside world. People close to the day prior to the Tencent of science and technology revealed that Nora eventually arrested for piracy by relevant departments of price punishment, punishment results and Nora suspected pirated evidence chain will be officially announced.

national pornography office had previously announced store Nora was seized in March this year, the server has more than 3000 pornographic videos, and imposed a fine of 250 thousand yuan. Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority in May 15th to Nora served a notice of administrative punishment to inform the book, impose penalties for revocation of value-added telecommunications business license.

sail to search suspected pirate proof

according to Tencent science and technology to understand, at present, Nora has several director level management was detained. Relevant departments are in the investigation of Nora software built cloud sail search, identified the fact that Nora piracy.

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broadcast by the astronomical penalties were suspected of Piracy: sail to search evidence  

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