Analysis of the status quo of Qingdao medical website
on March 4, 2017

promotion of the medical industry website has been a period of time, although the results of self feeling pretty good, but there are always some disappointments. Throughout the current medical industry, are doing network promotion, there is good to do, there are poor. Do a good appointment every day so a few, to keep the cost of the Department of the network at the same time, but also gain, do not see in the foreground is not self righteous, network promotion, no effect.

in Qingdao, major hospitals are doing network promotion, most hospitals have Baidu for promotion, some hospitals do not have the ability to do the natural ranking promotion (it can be said there is no see natural ranking promotion can bring effect) just gave up the natural ranking promotion, will focus on ppc. Part of the hospital is not only doing the PPC and sit natural ranking promotion, but the effect is not very obvious, I am in Qingdao Kang Yuan hospital is to give up the promotion of competitive ranking this burn at the end of 08, in my persuasion began to concentrate on according to the natural ranking promotion, now the effect is quite good, every day there are several make an appointment with. Competitors have begun to realize that patients do not trust the promotion of the auction, there are very few hospitals began to increase the intensity of the promotion of natural rankings, and now I made a general summary:

our hospital daily web traffic 1500-2000ip (in the past hundreds of IP) and the competitiveness of the hospital according to 2-3 according to the natural condition and the keywords ranking included projections, the total traffic should be no more than 1500ip between 1000-1500, if taking into account the relevant keywords, our hospital 1500-2000ip 1000IP removed invalid access (i.e. hospital treatment to visitors) while the other hospitals should be removed in accordance with the proportion of about 700-800. Therefore, access to the site of the effective patient should be in the 200-500 interval, which is the day of the Qingdao area.

This can be estimated according to the

, in patients with gynecological patients in all hospitals with no more than 1500ip, and these patients may not really can make an appointment for more than 100 (based on experience)

so, so many gynecological hospital in Qingdao, so much to promote the promotion of so many natural rankings, are also around the 100 patients to grab.


to the hospital when the network has certain benefits in consciousness, monthly into local media, medical websites, network promotion, bidding not 40-50 million investment, I don’t understand this, even if you have the ability of the 100 patients have an appointment to you to go to the hospital, you can earn the money to let you die? As a black, in 5000, but also just back to the. Therefore, the individual believes that the promotion of the network must first consider the size of the cake, a piece of cake 5 dollars you want to eat, and there is no need to spend $10 ah?

my hospital is currently scheduled to invest with the basic proportional increase, from 20>

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