QQ group to promote the industry to promote the perfect turn of the industry
on March 4, 2017

the purpose of writing this article is to tell you that the operation of the industry website webmaster, do industry stand at the same time, industry QQ group is very important, also need to put energy to do. The benefits of a lot of industry QQ group, the following brief introduction.

first we extended from hand: if you built a wholesale clothing industry, if you hand holds a number of clothing wholesale clothing or the owner of the QQ group, then your website will be much easier in terms of publicity. Because you are the Lord, you can call your group announcement website advertising, the group announcement sample: www.xie3.com shoes net transactions in June 15th 50 transactions, the release of information products can contact him (hint: 09 version of QQ already supports open web site, in the group announcement) as long as you stand a certain scale and ranking. First, those who do wholesale clothing will let you help him celebrate the release for the information, then the need to find the supply of clothing will on your website to find sources. If your site makes these people feel valuable, then it means that you have a large number of long-term users, and will be more and more like snowball snowball.

original source: as mentioned above, the goods on hand, if they need help when you release the supply of information, you can ask them to provide detailed pictures, product introduction and related information. This is equivalent to a large number of people to help you create original articles, and are valuable original articles.

profit: imagine, when someone through the supply information released to sell money on your website, basically will consider long-term cooperation with you, this time can sell website advertising or to sell the product into the form of profit; if your site level is good you can use you need to give the industry a platform to build the construction site. Of course, there are many ways to make money, but it must be decided according to individual circumstances.

: if the integration of resources in a certain industry, you know a lot of supply through the QQ group and sell this kind of product, so this time you can think about how to integrate resources, to the website and QQ group for media information to integrate using, I think if the integration is successful, produce the benefits will be significantly compared to the website.

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