Method for fast and effective promotion of website by micro blog
on March 4, 2017

also remember that they have added more than N QQ group, over and over again in the hair advertising, the results will be 2 seconds of’AD’questioned the sound, that is, T group. Don’t worry, we can work in just ways and quickly spread to advertising, this is micro-blog! The speed of information dissemination of micro-blog’s incredible speed, especially when we have many fans of the case, a message sent out, not only there are hundreds of thousands of hits, there will be forwarded that caused more show and click. At present, there are already a part of the webmaster friends aware of this, but most of the methods are not too right, or very stiff hair advertising, so that the final outcome is thankless. Below I will be in my micro-blog promotion experience and share. Take Sina’s micro-blog.

first: pay attention to

just use micro-blog, you have no fans, no micro-blog, others will not take the initiative to pay attention to you, so you need to take the initiative, the initiative to pay attention to others, mutual concern it will be part of the people. Pay attention not to mess with the previous version, you go to "look", a list of users can click on the picture down, then pop, attention can not refresh the page, and now the situation is not the same, may be Sina for users can easily go to each other’s home page so changed to direct link so let us pay attention to become very troublesome, although we do stand in the effort, but this adds to fans too tired, in order to save time and effort, we still have to find ways to pay attention to or faster, the previous version of the form, in the celebrity there, but people won’t pay attention to you, the number of but there can be added to the co.. An accidental opportunity, I found in the list of other people’s fans, plus attention is not refreshed, and even do not have to pop up, so it is really cool point.

speed, and this is not enough, if you add a half day, the other party does not add you, this effort is wasted, so we have to go to the purpose of. Do you think someone fans list who are listening to this person, these people listen to him, because of his love, so these people are these lovers, if you and the contents of this agreement, these fans also love your content. So the idea is to find and share your content, points to his fans list, so that the potential of the fans in front, next is to use your fingers quickly, a few minutes can add hundreds of.

is like my micro-blog joke so my goal is to list on the front of the cold joke of micro-blog, to list their fans, every day can get dozens of fans. One thing to note, Sina micro-blog up to 2000 people can be concerned about, so when we pay attention to the number of up to 2000, it is necessary to cancel some of the concerns, in order to leave room for new attention. The way to cancel is to cancel it from the last page, because the person you’ve been paying attention to is not paying attention to you

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