The marketing industry artificial intelligence is a rain
on March 4, 2017

cars, smart drones, robots or more: artificial intelligence is expected to be one of the biggest revolutions in the digital world from the start of the internet. Just as those who hate the world like the set of words from Stanley · Kubrick (director of "2001 Space Odyssey") to Stephen · Hocking, many people are already beyond the danger of human artificial intelligence alert, so AI may also be the last revolution.


from the marketing point of view, artificial intelligence is more like a huge opportunity, rather than a haze. The future of the market will be flooded with effective use of artificial intelligence. Here are some of the ways you can now apply:

1 at the right time to make a deal

predictive scheduling algorithm


tracking tool has become more and more sophisticated. These tools are able to track, from the first visit, all the visitors on the site. But it is a challenge for marketers to effectively summarize the large amount of data they have acquired. Big data can only play its role when it is possible to take advantage of it.

this is where AI exists: it can review all the data in the past and predict future trends, or predict future customer behavior may occur. This allows marketers to know exactly when and where to invest time and energy in order to achieve the greatest value of life.

at present, Agilone is the most advanced combination of precision tracking and feedback platform. The company helps the seller to use its customer analysis to provide practical activities.

Agilone updated in September 2016, announced the realization of the channel information (digital channels, physical channels and mobile channels) integration. This also means that all the communication and interaction between the customer and the brand, no matter where, can be found and tracked. This "all-round channel" approach is the best way for customers to be given a personalized experience in all channels.

finally, thanks to the ability of machine learning, the algorithm can become better and better in predicting behavior. Marketers are able to provide the right products to customers at the right time. The supply and development can be realized automatically with the development of automation.

2 to establish visual recognition

personalized aesthetics

market image recognition technology have make users exclaim: Snapchat in the face of exchange function to promote the software successfully, even if the technology behind it only based face recognition; Google can automatically classify pictures and photos of users in the smart album.

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