The film process is a tradition copy the emperors which words can believe
on March 4, 2017

if you want to buy a bottle of hair loss shampoo, how would you do,

once a year going to consult the wind again friend


to Baidu about eighteen kinds of anti – off product evaluation and Prince William to deal with hair loss of the thirty-two errors

or to know almost search "what kind of shampoo anti hair loss the best" "how to effectively prevent from" Ginger / Sesame / banana can prevent hair loss? "……


anyway, if this thing is not bothering to make you unconscious point, generally speaking, the remnants of the lost mind will stop you believe in all kinds of shampoo ads using ancestral formula / high technology "and" real "Nemesis" hair loss".

prices rose, words are more and more cheap, in the process of film is a century of tradition in the world, everybody is too understand these handy "copy" is how one thing.

we have to copy writers made a decent explanation of nouns, namely, engaged in work for the company or enterprise, in the text to show the people have developed creative strategy. There is also a "not the pocket or the truth" version is: a grandiose type of good sentences and words when the primary school from the popular language of network in the past three years one-time words to use.

these professional players very diligent, dedicated to all aspects of daily life to cultivate our ability to look through the phenomenon of nature, it can be said that the national critical thinking training half rely on higher education, half rely on our dear copy writers.

in order to live up to their efforts, we analyzed the common types of real estate, electricity and food of three kinds of copy, to learn about:


real estate copy copy called circle three year college entrance examination five years of simulation, one hundred and eight kinds of expression style of the familiar vocabulary – any one of the eighteen lines of small town have some vacant seat of the Royal Garden "and" Jin Xuan Di "; will be followed by a hot update database — inspired by Shanghai Jiangxi male female event have sales offices, the county made a" 5W Shoufu the parents received Shanghai City marry white Formica advertisement, amazing creativity.

I had to try to challenge the copywriter solution, here is their answer:

contains the word "happiness" is generally the most common small Huxing, because there is nothing to have the characteristics of happiness, with a long can not boast that there is a way temperament;

contains a "noble mansion" area to work at least four hours, and transfer to line two line sixteen station to call black car, the night you returned to your royal family (Wei laugh);

"MTR along the room" is the default Huang Cun Railway Station subway station instead of the new West Street Station

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