Hospital website network marketing how to deal with 12 1 Baidu off the bidding system
on March 4, 2017

well-known Baidu will be launched on the 1st of next month, phoenix nest system, when the system has been running for eight years will be fully offline. So for this initiative, a large number of Baidu customers will be affected, its own turnover will have a larger decline. In the Baidu customer, believe that the hospital or medical industry is a kind of heavy weight customers, so for hospital network marketing is also accounted for a very important part, advisory capacity in most hospitals basically is piled up by bidding. So when the name of the auction system offline, the hospital’s network marketing is undoubtedly a big impact.

at present, a lot of people will expect Baidu’s professional version to bring better results, then we will analyze and predict the situation after the full Baidu turned professional version:

1 professional version of the line on the left side of the top three positions, the bottom of the three positions, the rest of the right side shows. Although the price is not the only decisive factor in the display position, but the price is also a very important factor. In this way, the position on the left will be particularly important, the price will be relatively high.

Advertising display form

2 professional edition and Google basically not what difference, from Internet users search habits or from our own habits, usually on the right side of the ads are not to click on, this is from the Google thermography long ago can be also observed in user habits.

3 as a result of the above point, the user habits caused by the decline in the click rate is inevitable, then the hospital will experience a decline in the click rate, the volume of advice, a period of decline in costs.

4 professional version of the bid will be more vague, unlike the classic version can be found under the index to determine the bid. For hospitals, the biggest impact is the professional version of the display in the ad, the user clicks may drop significantly. In the face of this possibility, I would like to make the following suggestions:

is the domestic hospital network marketing counterparts should do:

1 plans to start a precise advertising portfolio strategy, precision advertising is an effective way to stabilize the amount of consulting in the short term.

2 aspects of the deployment of SEO strategy to the station group to get the best form of traffic flow.

local network media coverage of 3, there are many hospitals are focusing on advocacy in the local network media, but a lot is cast out no advertising effect, mainly because the advertisement contents with the network media line is very far, so it is difficult to win the point of attack, so in the advertising content there is a piece of articles can be made.

4 increase the network news media exposure, increase the credibility of the site, increase the credibility of the hospital, indirectly improve the Internet users subconsciously reputation.

5 to Sogou search advertising is another option, both at present although the effect is less than Baidu, but it has development potential, especially Tencent rely on large > SOSO

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