How will be nearly P enterprise station traffic
on March 5, 2017

how I will be ordinary enterprise station flow of tens of thousands of IP!

whether it is a corporate website or personal website needs to improve the site traffic, because the site traffic directly related to the site

marketing, website profitability, more and more owners or companies focus on traffic, and try to improve traffic.

is the premise to improve website traffic to web content to do, how to do, these problems this paper will not bothersome.

my main method is

1, search engine 2, spend money advertising, free publicity for their own 4, friendship connection 5, Alibaba, Taobao


7, blog promotion

search engine: this I do not want to say, the forum has a lot of experts have published a lot of the engine to promote the good content of the engine must not be ignored, it is very

an important step, landing the size of the engine is to do stand must not only Baidu, GOOGLE, 3721 and 163, QQ, Sun Wukong and so on to the flow of

add up a lot of it, mention a little: rich website content, improve the content of the website update frequency, in January without an article, the engine will not value you, insist on every

days to update more than 10 articles, you will find that you will be more than the engine of your imagination! In addition to the regular Donews. Admin5 to write the original article,

is also very useful to promote the search and improve the weight, I am in accordance with what they say a little bit dry, bringing about 3000 traffic.

spend money advertising: fools know, but the money to bring me traffic is not very high, because we do targeted advertising investment, the cost is certainly to consider

, so the flow is 500IP

free publicity: I mainly in a blog, the forum published information. Do not send this information to the pure link if you do so congratulations

you, ha ha moderator 2 seconds to give you GAME OVER Oh, I’ll provide some accurate content and leave the site, so the success rate is

high, huh, everyone is curious, so bring me the amount of IP can also be 2000-3000

some people may say: it is impossible, how can I not reach? My answer is, you do it seriously, you can send 200 useful information a day?

if you don’t, try it. In Baidu post bar, SOSO stick. YAHOO collection. Ha ha

friendship connection: the maximum extent to do fine links, corporate Web site links conditions will not be as easy as the personal website, basically will be increased to PR>

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