Teach you how to write a hand
on March 5, 2017


today, I would like to explain to you how to write high-quality soft text, so you get a fully automatic permanent flow.

what is the quality of soft Wen? I give it is defined as: never spend money hypnotic advertising.

what is a fully automatic permanent flow? I give it a definition is: with a boutique soft Wen, you can not have to go around every day to send advertising stickers, you go to sleep, there will be an accurate flow of initiative to find you.

an example of


a few days ago, and his wife went out to eat, go home, the wife of the son inside the hand holding a iPad, his face is fast on the above.

night I asked her, what to see, so absorbed.

she gave me a look, she said at a post, however, I had seen the author ah, how the retransmission.

my curiosity, grabbed the iPad, looked, found that this article is a soft.


this is a message that we see this post in the entertainment gossip, the time is 2013. Click on the more than 30 thousand. Just so so。

this post is my daughter-in-law said before that. This post I look at the system, not the soft posts. Is a simple share. (pity ~)

to take a look at this post retransmission.


this post is just the same as the original content of the original.

but we found that the first post ID is not the same.

release time is October 6, 2014, even as of today, there are less than ten days time. This post has reached more than 9700 times the amount of reading, reply also has 1866 times. This post in the forum Tianya by talk. And this post has been deleted.

I posted in

library network to see the re post, in front of the content, but with the original post, the back is not the same, insiders a look is the promotion of essential oils. This is not, micro signal are posted out.


is the use of the "trumpet push" way, that is, trumpet large size contact. Increased persuasion.


although this post has been deleted. In fact, it is because he always leaves a micro signal, and so on. If you stay in contact with a little more careful, the role of this post will be bigger than it is now.

we’re going to learn this

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