Promotion of Crazy English from Li Yang
on March 5, 2017

: I believe we all have some understanding of "Crazy English" Li Yang, especially after 80 of the webmaster should be a lot of reality have seen in the past, I am no exception, in 1994, the establishment of the "Li Yang" in, "in the year of,". Cliz International English Promotion studio "in 10 years, that is 2004, through countless Li Yang speech all over the country and many countries, the" Crazy English "popular in Asia, all over the world. Personally feel that since it is promotion, they must have something in common, of which there must be a place to learn. I am red net ( founder, after less than 3 months of promotion, the website Alexa ranked 450 thousand, Japan is about IP5000, and the flow is increasing every day. I believe everyone in the online promotion methods have seen a lot, but I really do believe, do little, including myself, I also have been working to promote space is also very big, here to talk about my personal experience:

promotion before the preparation, this is quite an important step, the foundation, the foundation did not play well, back to do more is useless, Li Yang also put their own "mad" to promote, let others "Crazy", here I introduce:

web page design: 1) did not know before the heart, can not deny the appearance is the most important, if there is a hotel promotion said is very good, but you can see very messy, I think you could get away. The website looks like when users come in if the first impression is very chaotic, advertising flying, looking for a long time could not find their desired data or information, I would not come again for the second time, the red on the screen for the net is simple and elegant, the column at a glance, not half seconds to release or find their own information. So that the first impression is very important, don’t let users find your site very messy.

2) the content of the website: you must get rich content before the promotion, because the user to your site just to get the desired information or release information, but your site didn’t change the content, you also don’t want to go to second times, the decoration of the hotel after some good wine food, or you to promote people to your hotel for dinner, you said the hotel chef also did not move, not angry customers no, you didn’t promote what dishes you is not? So be sure to put the contents are very rich, red net is the website update to post about 3000 articles can promote, let a person feel. The development of the old station for a period of time, relatively easy to accept.

3) the user experience: to strengthen the function of the website, to provide convenient operation, and user demand should pay attention to, now users are interested in service, was in reality very suffer indignities, if get attention on the Internet, it will be on your web site is good, will often come to. And will spread a good reputation, after promotion is more convenient.

what is the relationship between Li Yang’s "Crazy English" promotion and website promotion? What are the places we can learn from


1: learning Li Yang

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