Two also announced the completion of the 150 million B round of financing
on March 5, 2017

January 19th, two more officially announced the completion of the B round of financing of $150 million. The current round of the Jing Yuan capital investment area, Qianhai, Tak investment capital with Ethernet, the original institutional shareholders, real growth fund and the cornerstone of the capital of East rich sea with all the additional investment. Ethernet capital as exclusive financial advisor. In March last year, two more just won by Zhenge fund and the cornerstone of capital investment over 50 million yuan A round of financing.

it is reported that the current round of financing will be mainly used for: training and training of film and television personnel, the construction of content IP, establish and improve the country’s short video marketing system, etc..

was founded in 2014, two more, the early launch of public numbers in WeChat. More than two per night, released the first original video. May 2015, merged from the media big night canteen". Up to now, two has more than 3 million 480 thousand micro-blog fans. As a development platform for domestic short video products, two more of the data revealed that in 2016 the results obtained for a single month, playback volume reached 1 billion times, playing a total amount of 6 billion +, the whole network of fans of 2000W+, and has the annual service hundreds of brands, advertising is still the main two more current mode.

Qianhai Houde fund partner Chen Yuchuan said, two of the investment is more an important reason is that he recognized two more in more than a year to build a powerful and creative marketing team and director system.

Ding Feng to I dark horse said that so far two of the most important development experience is clear. He believes that since the start of 2014, the market has undergone great changes, "14 years we all feel that this thing is very fresh, personal media founded in 15 years, began to enter the capital, we believe that since the media era. By 2016, suddenly seemed to cool down, and feel the quality of content is difficult, IP realized, etc. are far away from the content entrepreneurs. 2017 I believe that the head of the real outbreak."

Ding Feng also believes that in 2017 will be the era of value-added short video, the industry will emerge more excellent IP. In 2017, two will be more head IP integration, the future in addition to the advertising model, I hope to be able to carry out video business training, content payment model. This year will continue to "more city" plan, is expected to enter the 20 provinces, 30 cities.

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