From the tip of the tongue on China website marketing and promotion of Taobao
on March 5, 2017

to say the current highest ratings is what many people would say is being hit and provoked great controversy of the TV drama "intention", then you are wrong, because now China the highest ratings is a documentary on the tip of the tongue "Chinese"


"tongue" like a "sharp knife" stimulate the audience of food and food culture and cognitive attitude. Shaoxing delicacy appeared in the "tongue on the third episode" Chinese: Shaoxing Yellow Wine, Andrew sauce, sausage, etc., Liquor-Saturated Chicken Duck in Brown Sauce 11 show delicacy in front of the audience through the high-definition images, so many people in Shaoxing moved to heavy culture at the same time also shed slobber.

currently operates two travel sites (a pig of Shaoxing tourism network and Anchang Town Tourism Network), on the tip of the tongue Chinese broadcast, let website in terms of traffic or Taobao customers to promote have a promotion, of course I think before the period of the event sensitivity is the key to marketing the success of the.

tongue on China’s third sets of ratings is the highest, documentary fire, the food of Shaoxing will fire. Many foreign consumers of Shaoxing delicacy do not know much, think Shaoxing delicacy is nothing more than Yellow Wine, now through the documentary, the consumer for the Shaoxing delicacy impression profound, instantaneous vivid, driven by a variety of specialty delicacy sales growth. I fully seize this good opportunity, launched in Shaoxing and Shaoxing on the delicacy delicacy, such as Liquor-Saturated Chicken Anchang sausage, Shaoxing Yellow Wine Taobao off promotion etc..

generally 1 months to sell up to more than and 10 bottles. However, this website a few days hanging off Taobao’s business becomes fierce: Buddleja dry, Liquor-Saturated Chicken, bad chicken, fennel, dried bamboo shoots and other features of Shaoxing delicacy are particularly good: only a grandmother hand tore Liquor-Saturated Chicken in just 3 days sold more than and 50 copies. Not only brings a shining white silver, is to bring hundreds of flow.

In fact, a

website marketing to do content and do the promotion, but also have a sensitivity to the event, as the website content and promotion foundation, the fundamentals like stock inside the same, and if the event marketing well as a major positive to keep web site traffic and product sales for the "limit"


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