We face the collapse of the electricity supplier industry heavy risk crisis
on March 6, 2017

recently, the electricity industry is not at peace, winter cold cold, "group purchase" rapid behind youth, facing with the vicissitudes of life. Even in 2007 October the establishment of the B2C Eslite can not avoid the cold of winter, "the nature of the electricity supplier road boundless, sulfallate return home network. Reflection directly to three thousand Zhangs, closed door only in an instant." Where the customer was created by the original joyo.com founder Chen Nian, VANCL VANCL operation belong to (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., the main transport are the original joyo.com backbone team.

VANCL official website (speed transit network plan)

listed before leaving executives that we had no prospect of

?Vice President

Eslite wusheng 29 formally submitted his resignation to the company, an upcoming U.S. listed Internet companies even before the listing appeared executives leave. This year, we seem to be one of the most severe brain drain, and walk is full of heavyweights. Xu Xiaohui, a special assistant to former president, former vice president of the former public relations manager, as well as the former vice president, Mr. Wu, Li Jianxiong, Zhang Xiaojun. Although each of them is for personal reasons to leave, but the words have sent out a signal in every guest no prospect.

A review of the

after leaving Li Kaifu, what happened to Google executives leave? There are three reasons: first, the age is too old to start their own business, do not move; 2; 3, the company has no future. But after that Wu joined the Jingdong, that he could not see where the future, but to see the prospect of Jingdong. In the electricity supplier B2C industry, Amazon China, Dangdang has been to the United States in 2010 IPO. But, the Jingdong to Eslite mall in recent years in the United States market, at the same time as the listing of two B2C e-commerce enterprises, from the moment the company jumped to another company means what? I want to see people see the truth.

where the risk facing the industry in recent years also listed


at present, every guest experience many risks, the electronics industry competition, industry crisis, house of flying daggers. In the event of a crisis of integrity, protocol control, coupled with the indirect impact of the industry to buy electricity supplier. The electricity industry is facing China economic slowdown, high inflation concerns, winter assault, executives leave, Chinese stocks after pre valuation are sought after, began to appear down, forcing most of the proposed U.S. listed companies were forced to postpone a plan IPO.

in fact, recent rumors where the customer facing capital chain tight pressure. But as investors Lei Jun to deal with at present "millet mobile phone", will not be reinvested every guest, and now where the customer has not had all the guest, with a little bit of fund investment is now unable to feed the guest. Where the customer listed from 2007 onwards striking one snag after another, in fact, a total of five rounds of financing, financing amounted to $200 million, an average of every round of financing are half a year, while the last round of $100 million financing completed in December last year. With the deterioration of the electricity supplier environment, it is difficult to think of financing.


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