Shield Amoy Jingdong life can not bear the weight
on March 6, 2017

October 28th, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall, micro-blog criticized Amoy, said the industry bottom line has been broken, is also quick to follow up, to join the camp, then Dangdang is not followed, Gana, while Amazon China just publicly expressed support for a scouring network; the same day, the United States and its online mall alliance Amoy network " an account through; " system, between the two teams initially present.


from Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall reads as follows:


28 evening. A micro-blog official responded quickly, for a two micro-blog, "a cat has stopped Dangdang and Suning goods and comment on the crawl, knowing that the real worry, we are willing to cooperate with Dangdang, Suning to discuss, and we work together to solve the doubts."

then said, "the Jingdong comments we have stopped crawling, but we think the commodity price service related information belongs to the public, consumers have the right to know, a cat will keep commodity price information of the Jingdong on the web, as a matter of fact, happy weekend."

Jingdong pain: how long can the low price war?

according to the third quarter of the market data just released Ai Ruigang, in the domestic B2C e-commerce market, the top three were Taobao Mall (50.9%), Jingdong and Mall (18.6%) (6.9%).

according to the report we see, Dangdang is not in its column, Jingdong in the field of 3C to establish the status of rivers and lakes, the development of the bottleneck, a long time to support the development of low price war is difficult. Then the Jingdong CE0 and CEO Liu Qiang East Dangdang openly challenge, business began to penetrate into the field of books, but also can only passively began their 35 dark not a 3C digital electric road, Jingdong this battle played beautiful, with their strong business position, began to expand the market of books, and Dangdang originally is in a passive position, and the business scope, secondly, logistics, customer service service will not be excluded, so lost in a complete mess, Baidu has ah is the best example. And a price war, war service behind, need a lot of money, but the money come from? And Jingdong began a frenzied financing road: the first half of this year C round of financing reached 1 billion 500 million dollars, as everyone knows, the electricity supplier industry is burn, because of this, the Jingdong to profit pressure as can be imagined.

Jingdong model seems to belong to Internet Co, but widely divergent, which is why Baidu has ah, no reason. Electricity supplier not only need to promote online marketing, but also under the line storage, distribution and other links. The chain, which is Baidu has ah although holding a lot of traffic is not available. Only the price war, the accumulation of users, training users shopping habits, loss of burn smashing size, then in the long run, want to do.

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