2015 electricity supplier giant line crazy enclosure will be paid into the real entrance
on March 6, 2017

in the future, the boundaries of online and offline because of the popularity of mobile payment tools become blurred. Payment is the real entrance line consumption.

relative to the amount of online transactions, the line of traditional consumer market is a huge incremental market. 2015, is the electricity supplier giant line crazy enclosure of the year, but also the capital has been getting together to upgrade the traditional line of the year.

however, the line is not the scene of this money can not solve the problem of money can not be solved, but not all of the industry can be developed in the consumer spending habits. While a large number of dead to focus on local life O2O startups, while the BAT line take cities and seize territory. 2016, the Internet will not stop the trend of penetration of the line, in order to allow users to truly form a habit, but also need to have a long way to go.

local life become a "strategic"

at the beginning of 2015, in the "public entrepreneurship peoples encouraging innovation", carries the dream of countless team jumped into the business tide, while the entrepreneurial direction is "Internet plus". That time, for any one of the traditional industries, as long as the Internet wielding scalpel can be sought after capital. Because, at that time, there have been the traditional industry to become a "pacesetter" — travel drops, fast delivery; have hungry, delicacy home exchange.

want to know, these two industries are traditional can no longer traditional industry. With the mobile Internet immediately to subvert the original pattern of the industry, to obtain growth speed. But behind this growth is the capital subsidy crazy, the most powerful in the taxi industry burn time, a user, drive to work in less than 15 yuan, can be free; when a single takeaway company burn hard takeaway 20 yuan, 15 yuan subsidy, 5 yuan can solve the lunch.

has a successful model, capital support, local life service a large number of start-up companies to take out. The car door, door door door, beauty salons, washing dishes, cleaning, door-to-door delivery of door-to-door pet services and so on, which based on local life service projects without exception, the burn money capital subsidy user mode, hope users form consumption habits, scale effect. With the size of the data and the next round of capital to take the disk man".

however, along with the market of the two cliff style drop, a capital market began to tight money, fast financing market coming winter. The local life service industry, the first half and the second half of 2015, can be said to be almost Rainbow Night. The first half of startups burn to grab the market, the second half of the year or merge, or shrink the front, or simply collapse. Recently, the circle of friends circulated a O2O death list, get the A round of the company reached more than 1 thousand dead.

however, entrepreneurial companies "with" at the same time, BAT giants did not relax for the next line market coveted. After all, the online market than the online electricity supplier several times, do a good job, the line market and online traffic can form a complementary. For BAT>

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