Statistics show that 11 mobile shopping into mainstream mobile phones not only cheap
on March 6, 2017


technology news on November 13th news, the industry is expected to double this year during the eleven, including Tmall, Jingdong, Gome, Suning and other integrated business platform and vertical platform sales may exceed 80 billion yuan, and this data, 3 per thousand retail scale will account for the total of about 24 trillion yuan. Among them, the mobile terminal shopping turnover has accounted for 11 of the total turnover, the phone has become one of the largest sales of double one of the goods of one of the 48.4%.

mobile shopping has become mainstream


platform data show that as of November 11th at 7:36, mobile Tmall double eleven day end turnover exceeded 10 billion, which, from the mobile terminal such as mobile phone sales than mobile 2013 double eleven all day long end of the turnover increased nearly doubled, for a total turnover of 48.4%. This means that more and more consumers have to take the phone directly under the single use of mobile payment, the entire marketing process is complete on the phone.

in fact, Tmall eleven in the turnover of the mobile terminal from at 0:00 on November 11th is climbing, Shirupozhu, only 75 seconds, turnover exceeded 100 million, 7 hours later, Tmall mobile online shopping turnover figure has been updated to 10 billion. The 2013 double 11, Ali mobile day turnover of only $5 billion 350 million this year, with less than 1 hours to break the figure.

in 2014 the rapid rise of eleven mobile phone shopping, but also with the major electricity supplier platform for the full support of the mobile electricity supplier model. For example, the Alibaba set the whole group not only let Tmall mobile phone, mobile phone Taobao, Alipay wallet, Amoy little too steep discounts and other measures to attract users, but also the mobilization of the UC browser, Youku, micro-blog, High German map, mobile phone application the most popular consumer to expand mobile end users the ability to touch.

4G mobile phone roost selling category

sales from the entire eleven, the phone and other digital products, is still the main product of the national online shopping. In 2014 eleven, especially the mobile phone category 4G mobile phone will be the undisputed protagonist. In the domestic mobile phone, millet (scroll information) and the glory of the planes will be particularly striking, as early as in the double eleven, HUAWEI glory started the double eleven "great in strength and impetus zhaochou" promotion, HUAWEI glory has become one of the rival of millet this year defending the war.

as HUAWEI Internet brand glory, independent after a year, has launched the glory 6, glory 3X and other variety of star mobile phone, and launched a smart bracelet, smart TV and smart router and a series of intelligent products Home Furnishing. It means that no matter from the publicity strategy of product planning, pricing, or interval, glory seems straight to the millet, and even the intended for double preheating eleven HUAWEI glory 6 "zhaochou price" with millet 4 double eleven special edition sold two, perfectness this is not obvious, "zhaochou price", but "zhaocha price".


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