Talk about the network activity marketing from the beautiful New Testament reality show
on March 6, 2017

      in talking about the marketing activities of the network marketing, we first look at the activities of the written definition of marketing. "Marketing", which is a distinctive theme through careful planning, can cause a sensation, with a strong news value — a single, or a series of combination of marketing activities and brand communication and sales promoting more effective; it is not only in advertising, sales promotion, public relations, promotion as one of the means of marketing, a new marketing model is established on the basis of brand marketing, relationship marketing, data marketing. "Marketing", the comprehensive function is a high strength and high density integrated marketing behavior; activities of news reports, news, try to comprehensive description of print ads, direct the multimedia advertisement with the site, as well as the specific "public participation".

      since the "super girl" after the popular marketing activities on both sides of the Changjiang River, from marketing talent shows itself more and more companies, especially in brand building, product promotion to use. "Super girl", to "Happy Boys", to 07 years in the Guangdong area popular activities, is jointly organized by the Guangdong TV station and Guangzhou Lai Lai’s plastic surgery hospital "New Testament" shaping reality show.

      "2007 beautiful Lai New Testament" is a seven day week to live operation through the TV audience in front of the TV live broadcast of the fourteen players cosmetic procedure. (I’m not here for looks to introduce this activity, we need to understand this activity, because the "beautiful New Testament" is a large 07 years of activity, so the principle of proximity, for example, to talk about network marketing activities. Here, for the time being, do not comment on the way and the effect of its traditional marketing, we can only consider the idea of network marketing network marketing activities, costs and results.

      now the "beautiful New Testament" as the starting point, take it as a baseline, to analyze its suitable network marketing activities, of course, also with some other temporary don’t fit its network marketing activities, so as to achieve the analysis of a plane.

      1 Analysis of participating groups. Network activity is no exception, what kind of group, will determine the nature of this activity, the way to achieve. I have been tracking reports of "beautiful New Testament", that this activity is to lead to the unfortunate life because the appearance of women as the main body, so the operation mode is not doomed to possible in accordance with the "super girls", then. Unfortunately, life can also be used as a promotional highlight of the activities of the network, each player behind the moving story, will cause a sensation, or touched. This is the nature of the activity itself, but also a congenital advantage. The same story, different text, the effect may be different. The text on the network should be sensational, or easy to digest, because of their own network information. "

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