Department of human resources and social shop owner is expected to be included in the national socia
on March 6, 2017

February 21st morning news, Network Entrepreneurship Employment Research Conference held this morning at the Ministry of human resources and social security. Based on the China Employment Promotion Association and Alibaba group to carry out a special study, the Ministry of human resources and social network of the proposed employment of entrepreneurs into the national statistics and social security.

survey results show that the overall size of the national network of entrepreneurial employment close to 10 million, the total number of direct employment network is about 9 million 624 thousand and 700 people. In the online business shop, more than 90% of the individual shop, entrepreneurial employment to men, young people under the age of 34. Survey shows that the shop owner accounted for 61.7% of men, women accounted for 38.3%, the owner of the higher education level accounted for more than 86.8%.

in terms of employment policies to enjoy the network, there are up to 80% of the shop did not sign labor contracts with employees. 88.5% in the survey of the individual shop in the shop did not sign labor contracts with employees or contract of employment; in the surveyed business shop in the 57.1% companies employing shop and signed a labor contract, significantly higher than the individual shop.

from the data point of view, more than 70% of the individual shop staff did not participate in social insurance. In the enjoyment of social security are the main problems: one is the shop operating funds from individuals, shop shop operating cost pressure; but the small size of the transaction, business income is limited, unable to bear the social insurance costs; three is the wage level of shop staff is low, limited ability to participate in social security.

CPPCC National Committee member Xu Hui in 2012 before the two sessions had investigated the social security problem shop. He said: the network has not yet been included in the national employment statistics system, a large number of employees can not enter the social security system. No health insurance, social security, etc., this group of employees to protect worrying."


report suggests that the network employment venture into the national statistics and the social security range, and with the current national employment and social security policy system, and promote the "social security" and "online handle, improve service efficiency and quality. Analysts believe that, as the largest grassroots entrepreneurial platform, entrepreneurs on the Taobao platform is expected to be the first batch of national employment statistics system into the group.

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